The Other Guitar

Wednesday. 17.5., 20hrs.
Tickets: 8,-/ 5,- €

Xtended Guitars: The quartet with Erhard Hirt, Hans Tammen, Nick Didkovsky & Mike Cooper played contemporary tabletop guitar music - sounds that seem chaotic on the surface, with a forest of apparently separate details, interlinked underneath, woven together as a maze of infinite complexity.

Xtended Guitars 1
Xtended Guitars 2

Hans Tammen
Erhard Hirt
Nick Didkovsky
Mike Cooper

Hans Tammen

Hans Tammen
Erhard Hirt

Erhard Hirt

Although living on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean the four musicians of „Xtended Guitars“ met and built a colorful ensemble:
- Erhard Hirt, long-time experienced in improvisational and experimental music
- Hans Tammen, who after his past as a Jazz musician nowadays develops interactive music software, which he uses besides preparations for his „endangered“ guitar playing
- Nick Didkovsky who as a composer and computer programmer teaches at the New York University and
- Mike Cooper, with backgrounds in folkblues, who today is concerned with electronic music, filmmusic and sound installations.
The four musicians all use their instruments as „table-guitars“, thus by the use of a great variety of gadgets exploring new sound-worlds. At first their playing sounds chaotic but then the musicians create a dense network of an infinite number of structures.